Juozas Bernotas and Vita Matise are the 2021 Raceboard World Champions

The Kizezers Lake in Riga, Latvia saw some spectacular Raceboard action the past week as some of the best came to Klubs 360 for the 2021 World Championships. 64 windsurfers arrived from 13 different countries to participate in the event and it was a good sight to see on the tricky waters of the local lake.

The championship was a challenge for both competitors and Race Committee as the gusting and shifting wind stayed with the fleet for the whole week. It was not uncommon to have races with wind from 8 to 20 kts and storms also played tricks, as one of the races had to be postponed for safety reasons. All in all, it has been a fabulous performance with 14 races conducted for men and 12 for women.

We had Veterans and Youth, past and present Olympians as the mix of the fleet was noticeable. The local hero is Vita Matise, who dominated the women’s fleet claiming the World Championship title. Ilona Grinberga and Helena Rozkalne were second and third.

Juozas Bernotas, who had just come back from Tokyo 2020 for this event, was challenged all the way, especially by the legend of the fleet Patrik Pollak. Patrik had to settle for second place ahead of the Czech windsurfer Radim Kamensky.

Juozas was obviously happy with his win as he gave the interview to none other than Patrik after the end of the championship.

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