There is nothing like old-school

The Raceboard Class is unique in many ways. It connects the young with those, who have more experience. It connects old friends and is a way to make new ones. It is a place, where you can race against Olympians, with two of them being with us on the starting line. On the water the fight for the titles is fierce, but of the water it is as friendly as you could get.

This is the atmosphere we have been greeted to by 360 Windsurfing Club, the organizer of the 2021 Raceboard World Championships in Riga, Latvia.  

Today the 64 windsurfers from 13 countries took to the water for the first races of the championships. It was a late start with some delays due to rain and lack of wind in the morning, but the afternoon gave a chance to have three races in a variety of conditions.

In the men’s division it was not only the two sailors returning from Tokyo, who dominated the racing although they tried. Patrik Pollak (who was also in Tokyo, but as a coach), took the two first races in style, having to give credit Juozas Bernotas in the third. The ladies were also competitive with Vita Matise taking three bullets and being firmly in the lead.

Here is what Patrik had to say after the racing:
“There is nothing like old-school. Today was quite difficult, because the wind was changing a lot, so experience in putting the mast track in the right position, getting the right trim and doing thing was important. I was not the only old-school representative in the front. I was very happy to have a good day on the water with my friend, who I coached in the Olympics. In the last one I have to give it up to Juozas, because he had much more power than me on the downwind. What a great day, but it is only the beginning. I do not get overexcited, but a good one to remember.”

The next days will be demanding, and that could be an understatement. Those here are cautious about showing their feelings for the forecasted gusts of up to 40 kts. There are potentially 12 more races to go, so anything could happen.

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